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2021 Update

We are currently making updates to our Design Library portal in order to improve functionality and to add some great new features.

We have temporarily disabled online access to the Design Library – however, it is still available for our trade/designer customers to view either in person via appointment in our St Peters studio or via remote link upon request.

Please contact either David or Jennifer to request access or to make a viewing appointment

(02) 9557 5013

Signature Prints has, over a 50 year period sourced, stored and loved collections of the world’s finest designs, with a heavy focus on designs created and drawn by hand in eras well before digitalisation.

The Signature Prints Design Library is now a vast collection of approximately 9,000 unique hand-drawn designs, considered to be one of the most significant decorative arts libraries in the Southern Hemisphere.

In an article written for the Lifestyle section of the SMH in 2006 – Michael Lech (Assistant Curator – Historic Houses Trust) said “there would not be another equivalent of this design archive in Australia”.

In 2018 SP began the enormous task of cataloguing this vast library. Each design must be painstakingly scanned in high resolution so that every design can be preserved and stored in a digital format. This process retains all quirks and imperfections that make hand-drawn designs unique and filled with ‘personality’.

This process also allows us to create visual access to a piece of design history for members of the design community, creating even more possibilities in the world of bespoke design.

The library spans a huge variety of genres and themes, from traditional florals, geometrics and tapestries to quirky conversationals and large-scale statement designs.

There is something ‘magic’ in hand-drawn artworks. We believe there is something for every style and project within this library.

There are two main ways that you can use our design library.

  1. Select a design that SP may custom print for you as either a wallpaper or textile.
  2. Discuss royalty or purchase options of the chosen design/s for your own use.

If you have any questions or would like more information about how to use the library please contact our sales team and we would be happy to assist.

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signature prints wallpaper collection - chic

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